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The main source of funding for most of the civil society organizations is still found in the foreign and local foundations, through their programs and projects. Few organizations think of their sustainability and insignificant number of organizations have their own sources of funding. The lack of fund raising skills, inexperience, bad economic situation in the Republic of Macedonia and the legal obstacles discourage the associations of citizens to start working on their sustainability.

кампања за мобилизација на фондовиUntil recently MCIC had relatively stable funding coming from the donors, most of which were members of the Consortium for Macedonia. However, in the past few years they have announced their withdrawal from the region as they concentrate the activities in other world regions. Therefore, MCIC faces the challenge of building its sustainability, developing new ways and utilizing new methods.

By organizing an annual fund raising campaign, MCIC promotes the sustainability concept to the association of citizens, thus making its contribution for improving the conditions for organizing fund raising activities.

The purpose of the program is to contribute towards the financial sustainability of MCIC by raising the public awareness on certain problem, its alleviation or resolution.

Several smaller activities will be tested in the first year, while in the next two years a theme of the campaign will be selected depending on the current issues in that period. The campaign will be managed by MCIC, but the wider community will be involved in the activities through direct participation of individuals, groups, enterprises and other institutions.

The funds raised with the campaign will be used for resolving the problems in certain areas.

The campaign will include the following activities: raising the public awareness, promotion of the sustainability concept, fund raising activities, activities for overcoming or alleviation of the problem – theme in the campaign, which will raise the public awareness on the specific problem that proved to be a burning issue during the campaign.





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